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Yoga and Meditation Workshops with Alyse Speyer San Francisco Los AngelesI’m coming to California! Join me for a super in-depth and fun workshop series June 2016. I’ll be hosting two workshops (meditation and yoga) in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Come to both workshops or only one, your choice!

The meditation workshop provides an overview on meditation as well as practical techniques that you can use to improve cognitive function, reduce stress, and live a higher quality of life. If you’ve ever been curious about meditation or would like to deepen your practice, then this workshop will be really great for you.

The yoga workshop is intended for those who want to learn what yoga means for their own bodies. Yoga is not a one-size-fits-all system. Each of us is different. Whether we are a beginner or advanced practitioner, adapting the postures to our individual bodies will help us receive the maximum benefit. Learn More Come learn how to alleviate lower back pain, increase strength and flexibility, and improve your overall well being through a well-defined yoga practice.