The Alyse in Told by Alyse

Told by AlyseHi! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Alyse, and I write about life, travel, yoga, and everything in between on this blog, Told By Alyse.

I decided that it was time to live my dream of traveling, teaching yoga, and sharing my insights. I’ve tried this before but always had the fear that I needed a real job to be a real human. As a result, I ended up in a nine-year tech marketing career that lead me to live in San Francisco. There I discovered many many things about life, love, and happiness. It took some time to slow down and to stop worrying about how to get from A to Z. I finally realized that I could follow my dream, and I live it every day.

I grew up in the ‘Val’ aka San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. My parents run their own business doing social media, PR, and the like, and my brother is a successful financial analyst in NYC. The family blessed me with an undying interest to explore and serve as well as their unconditional support for my crazy antics.

Told by Alyse as a kid
This is my brother and me in London when I was 5.

My whole life, I’ve been a bit of a rebel with a travel bug. I spent my time learning how to be a minimalist, to travel hack, and to live a better, happier life. I even create a travel and poetry blog when I was 19. However, I didn’t have much motivation then. It’s good for a laugh or to see how my writing style has changed over the years at the very least.

I went to University of California, Santa Barbara (go Gauchos!) and studied Literature in the College of Creative Studies. I had planned to be a liberal arts professor. During college, I honed my writing schools and soon started my own business doing social media and writing websites for small businesses while writing and publishing poetry on the side.

This freelance work allowed me to study abroad in Barcelona and continue earning money for more extensive travel. It also put me in a great position after college. In 2008, when the US economy took a nose dive, I did what any sensible 22-year-old would do: pack my bags and fly to Thailand for six months.

Told by Alyse headstandSomewhere along the way, I moved to SF and developed my freelancing career into a full-fledged marketing career, where I played the tech start up game for a while. It was fun, and I met a lot of people who are doing amazing things.

I hit a pinnacle moment when I found Asta Yoga. There I learned to fly and let go. I learned how to be myself again. Soon after my yoga teacher training, it became abundantly clear that my heart belonged on the road, doing what I was born to do: explore, serve, and teach. From punk rocker to yoga teacher, who’d have thought?

I created Told by Alyse to document my story and share some of the insights I’ve picked up along the way.