Use intentions to build your future

I have a story to tell you. It’s the true story of my life over the last seven months, and it’s your story. Because we all have felt and experienced the exact same things at one point in our lives – each and every one of us: The joy, the pain, the disappointment, the healing, the elation, and the growth. How we internalize these experiences and what we choose to learn from them is what makes us uniquely human and deeply beautiful. It’s how you build your future.
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The power of choice and how to use it to your advantage

Since I left my nestled home of San Francisco, one point became abundantly clear: every morning I have a choice. Right now my choice of “what to do today” seems a lot more mystical and vague, simply because I can go anywhere and do anything. The power of choice in of itself is daunting. I used to always say, “When I have more time I’ll do…” Now I have created that space and have that time, and I must remember what to fill it with.

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