When a rich man steals he becomes a minister

Yesterday, Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva, former president of Brazil, was sworn in as a minister – as Chief of Staff. After hearing the news, people all over Rio de Janeiro were banging pots and pans, honking horns, and shouting “Fora a Dilma” or “Fora PT” (Get out Dilma; Get out Worker’s Party). Last weekend, before this announcement, millions of people protested in the streets against Lula and his party. The scandal and corruption in the current Brazilian government is nothing short of shameless. more “When a rich man steals he becomes a minister”

A lesson in letting go and accepting change

Last year was the best year of my life. I laughed, learned, loved, and felt like I was doing my best to serve my fellow humans and my own dreams – from Nepal to Indonesia to Thailand and back to the other side of the globe. I was letting go and accepting change in all areas of life. I was growing.

I could fill you in on what happened in the past few months since I posted, but I want to talk about a more personal and hopefully more inspiring topic.


more “A lesson in letting go and accepting change”

Change your words. Change your world.

Ubud has changed a lot over the years, and so has Bali. I spoke to someone recently who said, “The Indonesians build like ants.” And it’s very true. There’s a lot of progress and growth and more and more buildings, shops, and massage spas open. Yet the Balinese people remain the same as how I remembered: gentle, kind, inviting, and happy.

One of the other main changes I’ve seen here in Ubud is the explosive growth of yoga. Everywhere there is an organic cafe and a yoga studio. Needless to say, it’s become a retreat center with a “hippie that moved into the next tax bracket” vibe.

So I dived right in opting to take as many yoga and meditation classes that I physically and mentally can. I find that this is an integral part of my growth as a human being and as a teacher: to always be a student. more “Change your words. Change your world.”

Stop worrying about how to get from A to Z

We are constantly looking for the most effective and efficient way to do nearly everything. We have project managers, processes like SCRUM, entrepreneurs with productivity mantras, and a world that prides itself on being “first.”

What if being the most efficient started with recognition, gratitude, and a moment of calm? What if we stop worrying about how to get from A to Z and instead celebrate that we finally discovered what “Z” is in the first place? more “Stop worrying about how to get from A to Z”

How to decompress after providing relief for victims

I spent a total 39 days in Nepal, and only five days were prior to the Great Earthquake, and I was even interviewed by Flipboard for my relief efforts. The experience bred a number of emotions and challenges that, at the time, I was unable to process. I was in “go” mode. It was like an out of body experience. How can one decompress after providing relief for victims? more “How to decompress after providing relief for victims”