Dolphin watching in Lovina Bali

We woke up at 3:30 am to reach the town of Lovina by 6 am. Of course, we were late in getting to our driver, so we ended up there at 6:30 am and had to do some hard negotiation to get the boat price down to something that resembled reasonable. Although we were at one point accustomed to waking up at 3:30 am while staying at the World Peace Pagoda in Nepal, we were already back to bad habits and waking up that early was a challenge yet again. How time changes everything. more “Dolphin watching in Lovina Bali”

Rebuilding Kathmandu after the Great Earthquake

Kathmandu is a city with a lot of magic and a lot of tension. It is a big project to begin rebuilding Kathmandu after the Great Earthquake. Our final missions are cleaning 160 houses in the two villages (Machchheguan and Satungal) that neighbor the site to the future Kathmandu World Peace Pagoda. Our goal is to demolish the buildings that are cracked, collapsed, or irreparable then remove the rubble. Finally we would help the villagers build monsoon-proof temporary housing. more “Rebuilding Kathmandu after the Great Earthquake”

Planning three projects for Nepal relief

Currently there is no Nipponzan Myohoji (Japanese monastery) in Kathmandu, so we stayed at a beautiful Tibetan monastery. The monk there is a close friend of Sato’s. He has a smile as wide as the ocean and even kinder. Not to mention, he is an amazing cook! Apparently, tourists are not allowed to stay at the monastery. It is generally closed during the day and only open to followers for worship. I suppose our good karma was catching up to us, since we were accepted guests. We’ll need all the good karma we can get while planning three projects for Nepal relief.

more “Planning three projects for Nepal relief”

Second Mission providing relief to 350 families in Goljung, Rasuwa

Our first morning in Kathmandu, an earthquake woke us up at 5 a.m. We had a lot of work to do, packing for 350 families and being in a city literally shaking with fear added a new layer of complexity.

After a full day’s work, we were roughly halfway done. We would have to finish packing in the village and rely on help from the villagers. Since the area was quite desperate, we were a bit nervous as to how this drop off would be. There were stories of robberies on the road and restless villages tired of waiting for needed supplies. Who could blame them? more “Second Mission providing relief to 350 families in Goljung, Rasuwa”

Delivering relief supplies to Lamjung, Nepal

Over the past few days, I’ve raised over $3,000 for our relief effort to Lamjung district in Nepal, bought and provided survival goods to eight small villages, and have collaborated with monks, Nepali locals, Indian shops, and local governments for this relief. My friends and family have been kind enough to call me a hero. However, the true heroes are you.

Yes, you reading this post, perhaps sharing it and donating to the cause. It s you who can make a bigger difference than I can. Truly. more “Delivering relief supplies to Lamjung, Nepal”

Donate Earthquake Relief directly to Nepal through Japanese World Peace Pagoda

The sounds in my head go Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo, which means “I devote myself to the Lotus Sutra of Buddha.” A few days ago, I decided to go and live in the Japanese monastery here in Lumbini. It is a beautiful place next to the large World Peace Pagoda (Shanti Stupa).

The schedule here is rigorous, I wake up at 3:30am to clean the prayer hall, then beat a Japanese hand drum to the rhythm and sound of Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo for two hours. Some days we beat the drum and chant walking to the village to offer prayers to the town people and other days I stay in the prayer hall and make offerings to the various statues and relics around the monastery and Pagoda. more “Donate Earthquake Relief directly to Nepal through Japanese World Peace Pagoda”